Hand Painting Service

Make Your Products Unique



Sometimes we need to be different!

Art Enchant è un’azienda creativa specializzata nell’arte della decorazione a mano.
Ci contraddistingue l’abilità di dipingere la singola opera come anche serie limitate per aziende, Clubs o Associazioni  con la stessa qualità dell’One of a Kind; le nostre tecniche di pittura variano dalle più tradizionali alle moderne inclusa la smaltatura a caldo e a freddo.
Offriamo anche servizio di modelling 3d completando tutto il percorso di lavorazione, dalla progettazione 3d all’oggetto finito.

  • Home_zippo_serie

    Serie limitata di Zippo.
    Club Tedesco Zippo Flamme Deutschland

  • Colnago Bicycle
    Serie limitata di 17 biciclette in carbonio

  • Commissione privata
    proprietario Jaguar classic

  • Company Ethos

    For thousands of years man has pushed the boundaries of creativity.
    There has always been a fascination and admiration for the works of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. An appreciation for the skills passed down through the centuries from man to man and not from man to machine.
    A labor of love entwined with the feelings and emotions of the artisan and not from the push of a button. Only mankind can create art, not machine.
    To hold a piece of our hand painted art is an experience in itself, each brush stroke represents a moment in the artists life, and endeavor for perfection.
    When the artist is finished, he steps back to admire his work, a satisfactory climax to his creation, a machine cannot do this.
    Where is the art in the machined merchandising?
    There is not art; art is a creative process that can only be achieved by man!